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Capturing the essence of your unique property and transforming it into a captivating visual narrative.

You deserve to book your Airbnb with guests who’ll love your home as much as you do

Because you love and care about it.


Your property deserves better than shoddy iPhone photos.

You didn’t buy your home to casually flip and list online. It’s more than that to you and your family; it has a unique story to tell.

You were told real estate photos are the professional way to go, but they’re cold and doesn’t settle well with your gut. It’s not doing your home justice!

Bookings are always nice, but you want guests who love your space as much as you do. And they need to see it in its true form to do that.

hello& welcome

I'm Rachel

I’m Rachel, the person huffin’ and puffin’ up your property’s driveway with all the photography equipment.

Sure! I take the pictures.

But I also bring a strategic eye to your home’s photoshoot. We know you can only get more bookings if the right people can envision themselves staying there…

I curate your photos and position the property for them, delivering photos that hit your dream guests in the feels and say, “I REALLY need a weekend away there!”

You want guests who are looking for more than a pit-stop.

And you know you can give them an experience that doesn’t make them need a vacation after their vacation.

You love your community too, and would love to introduce it to your dream guests beyond a loooong listing description.

Curating the perfect vacation rental experience takes heart, soul, and imagination.


Our photos will turn “just looking” into “can’t wait to stay!”

Your property will look “lived in,” not staged and sterile.

Potential guests will swipe through your listing, vividly picturing themselves having breakfast in bed or an evening by the fire pit.
Image by Kimon Maritz

Package One

Larger Offer | 80+ Images

• Full Day (6-8 Hrs) • Interior & exterior photography,

• Lifestyle & detail shots,

• Props

• Snaps of your community

Perfect for… Curating a complete gallery of images for your Airbnb listing, to highlight your property’s best features.

Package Two

Mini Session | 20+ Images

• Half Day (2-4 Hrs)

• Interior photography,

• Lifestyle & detail shots,

• Props (I LOVE waffles! Haha!)

Perfect for… Seasonal listing refreshes, or an update to showcase community activities your guests might enjoy.

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