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Family Travel Tips

I’ve done a lot of road trips throughout my life and now we’ve added kids into the mix! 

We’ve been on road trips with the kids that have been anywhere between 3-7+hours. Venturing from Boston to Buffalo/ Niagara Falls, Phoenix to the Grand Canyon through Route 66 and so many other backroad trips! 


I thought I would share some things that are essential for our family road trips! 

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Image by Marissa Rodriguez



Image by Laura Chouette


Download your favorite podcasts so you have something to listen to.

Image by Sean Foster

Melissa and Doug Water Wow Pads

These are a mess free way to color! All you need is to add water and fill up the pen and you are all set. 

Image by Taylor Heery

Audio Books / or YOTO player

Both have family friendly options! 

Image by Vanessa Bucceri

Basket with favorite toys

Think legos, action figures, favorite stuffed animal. [ You can also keep a small ball, bubbles, and other small outdoor items for a quick playground stop] 

Image by Taylor Heery

Art bundles

Include notepads, crayons/colored pencils, stickers- keep it simple and mess free! 

Image by Roberto Nickson

IPad for movies

Download your kid’s favorite movies and use it when they start to get a little squirmy and bored with their other options.

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Here are 5 Snack Ideas for a road trippin’ families! 

I know my kids are not the only ones who ask "What's For Snack Mom?!" the second we get into the car for a road trip. 


I love pairing super simple ingredients together to create delicious and healthy snack options that can hold them over until we reach our destination. 


Chomps jerky stick with apples and edamame 


Homemade trail mix [with coconut pieces] and apple sauce pouch 


Yogurt tube, Fresh Fruit Salad and homemade banana muffin 


Cheese & Crackers (or whole grain pita bread) with dried fruit


Pretzel, cheese cubes and grapes [cut into small pieces for your child’s safety] 

Image by Kari Shea



Here are my top 5 easy ways to use Instagram for travel planning + inspiration 

You can always rely on the community there to have weeded out the coolest spots; from funky cafes, and places to eat to beautiful beaches and green spaces to visit and activities I’d [ and the kids] like to do, it can all be found on instagram. 


It’s one of the easiest ways to get a FREE up-to-date local guidebook! 

Follow targeted hashtags

The first step to use instagram for travel planning and inspiration is to follow targeted hashtags. 

Follow travel accounts

Follow destination + travel accounts that will share exactly what you’re looking for. 

Follow travel experts

Follow travel experts - those out “in the field” actively sharing destinations they’re in or have been. these are content creators (bloggers, writers, photographers, etc), travel communities, and tour companies, and they are super active on instagram. 

similar Travel style

Look for accounts that have a similar travel style to your own, whether it’s family travel, solo travel, adventure travel, luxury travel, or something else! 

Explore geotagged locations

The useful thing about geotags is if you click on a city geotag, all posts tagged with specific businesses and places in that area will populate

ok, ok…. one more bonus tip!

Remember to engage and interact! get that algorithm to work for you and keep the inspiration coming! the more you double-tap, share, save, and send posts from accounts and hashtags that you follow the more those and similar accounts will pop up in your feed and explore page.


I can promise you if you use these tips while planning you’ll have an incredible trip. you’ll see new places, meet new people, and be exposed to living like a local! 

Image by Andrea Davis

Traveling with kids is so rewarding and family trips will create memories which last a lifetime. 

A huge part of planning a successful family vacation is to find accommodations which meets the needs of your family. if everyone is well-rested, they will be happier, more co-operative and will enjoy their trip so much more. with many family-friendly advantages such as separate bedrooms, full kitchens and laundry facilities, renting an Airbnb with kids is a great idea for your next trip.

5 Advantages
of renting an Airbnb with Kids 

1 / space to sleep

Sharing in a single hotel room with kids can be a terrible experience. If your kids go to bed earlier than you, you’ll need to sit in silence in a dark hotel room, hoping that your kids will eventually fall asleep. Staying in an Airbnb overcomes the this disadvantage of staying a hotel with your kids. It’s pretty easy to find a kid-friendly Airbnb rental with at least two bedrooms. this means means your kids can be in a separate room from you. 

2 / more affordable

Airbnb rentals are generally cheaper than a comparable hotel room.

3 / full kitchen for family friendly meals

When we travel with kids, we don’t like to eat out at restaurants three times a day. not only does eating out get expensive, but it eats up a lot of your travel time. renting a kid-friendly Airbnb with a full kitchen is a huge advantage for families as you can eat healthier meals, save money and best of all, save time. Our favorite meal strategy when staying at an Airbnb with kids is to eat a healthy breakfast in the Airbnb, have a great lunch out while on the go, then have a lighter dinner back at the house. 

4 / Access to washer & dryer

Kids are messy, especially little kids. another of the best things about renting an Airbnb with kids is having access to a washer and dryer. when we travel with kids, we like to travel as lightly as possible and having an Airbnb with laundry facilities allows us to pack less clothes for everyone.

5 / homey feel

Airbnb rentals are typically in residential neighborhoods, which gives your family trip a more authentic feel.

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