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Embrace the Sweet, Slow Days of Summer

I love the sweet, slow days of summer, a time perfect for enjoying the simple pleasures in life. Summer generally slows down life. We take more vacations, kids are out of school, and many activities take a break. There's less structure and more freedom, relaxation, and play. If you want to experience a simple summer like this, it's possible and easy! 

With a little planning, you can enjoy a summer filled with wonderful, simple moments, and in this blog post, I’m going to share how!

6 Tips for Creating a Simple Summer

  • Keep It Simple

Summer doesn't need to be filled with constant activities and expensive vacations. Often, the most memorable moments are the unplanned, low-key ones. Planning simple meals can also free up more time to enjoy your days. Focus on easy-to-prepare dishes that allow you to spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying summer. 

  • Focus on Gratitude

One of the easiest ways to enjoy a simple, happy summer is to keep your focus on gratitude. Notice and appreciate the big and small things around you. Walking barefoot in the grass, watching clouds pass by, or enjoying a warm summer evening can bring immense joy. The more you look for things to be grateful for, the more you'll find. 


Here are five things you can do to create joy on a summer night:

  1. Host a Backyard Movie Night: Set up a projector and a screen (or a white sheet) in your backyard. Provide blankets, lawn chairs, and popcorn for a cozy outdoor cinema experience.

  2. Organize a Bonfire: Gather around a bonfire with family and friends. Roast marshmallows, make s'mores, share stories, and enjoy the warmth and glow of the fire.

  3. Plan a Star Gazing Session: Lay out blankets and pillows and spend the night watching the stars. Use a star map or a stargazing app to identify constellations and planets.

  4. Have a Late-Night Picnic: Prepare a basket with your favorite snacks and drinks. Find a scenic spot, whether it's your backyard or a nearby park, and enjoy a relaxed evening meal under the stars.

  5. Create an Outdoor Game Night: Set ups like cornhole, badminton, or frisbee. Invite friends and family to join in the fun and enjoy some friendly competition.


  • Be Intentional with Your Time

Protect the time you’ve created by being intentional about your commitments. Decide what's most important to you—whether it's family time, traveling, or pursuing a hobby—and say yes to those things. Remember, saying no to less important things makes room for what matters most.

  • Allow for Unscheduled Time

Avoid overscheduling your summer. Leave plenty of space for spontaneous adventures or to rest and relax. Plan some activities, but leave room for unplanned days to go with the flow. Embrace moments of boredom as opportunities for creativity.

  • Get Outside

Spend as much time as possible outdoors. Whether it's going for a walk, eating meals outside, building a campfire, or planting a garden, the goal is to enjoy nature.

Less screen time and more nature time can make your summer feel richer and more fulfilling.

Maintain Flexible Rhythms

Relax the rules and routines to allow for more flexibility. Simple, flexible rhythms can keep your days running smoothly while feeling relaxed. Kids often benefit from some structure, but a flexible approach can lead to fun, spontaneous adventures. 

Have a simple summer you’ll enjoy!

The key to having a simple summer is deciding what is right for you and your family—then making intentional choices to create a summer you will enjoy, rather than survive.

By embracing these tips, you can have a simple, enjoyable summer filled with sweet, slow moments.

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