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Inexpensive Welcome Gift Ideas for Airbnb Guests

Families who choose Airbnb for their getaways want to relax and have a unique experience with their loved ones. Many families choose Airbnb in new towns and cities to explore the area. However, they may not be aware of all the fun activities that can be enjoyed inside and outside your cozy home. This is where you can play a vital role!

Are you considering putting together a welcome basket to surprise and delight your Airbnb guests? How about creating something that will bring them closer together, encourage them to explore the local community, and have some fun while they're at it?

Here are some tips to make your guests' stay memorable. Remember, providing a few unexpected amenities will make a difference in your reviews.

When providing gift baskets to your guests, it is essential to keep in mind that you don't want to overspend. The main objective is to ensure your guests have a memorable experience and will want to visit again. By offering a welcome gift, you can make that possible.

Easy DIY (Printables) Lists

- Curate a list of holiday events within 5-20 minutes from your home. This will help your guests plan their activities for their families within their time frame. It's best to send this list at least a week before arrival to give them enough time to plan.

- If your neighborhood is picturesque, with fantastic lights and decorations, or if there's a café that makes the best coffee or hot cocoa, don't forget to share this information with your guests. They would love to explore the local scene and soak in the holiday spirit.

- Set up streaming services on the TV and create a list of your favorite family-friendly movies on the home screen. This will make it easy for your guests to find them. You can also add this page to your guest book to give them a quick reference for indoor fun. Along with your list of movies, consider leaving a small glass jar of popcorn kernels with a stovetop recipe, which is easy to prepare and enjoy!

- Keep games with fewer pieces and some holiday books in your game cabinet. You can find great deals on local yard sale pages or thrift shops.

Here are a few more inexpensive ways to delight your guests:

-If you have a fire pit that your guests can use, providing them with a kit to enhance their experience can make for a memorable gift. A simple s'mores kit and a supply of dry firewood can instantly elevate your guests' experience and make it more enjoyable.

- Do you have a favorite recipe that is easy to make in a slow cooker and is loved by everyone? If yes, why not greet your guests with a welcome note and a recipe card for that dish? For instance, if you are famous for your chili, you could include a vegetarian option and provide a glass jar with your unique blend of chili spices. Don't forget to add a welcome message on the label! This idea is particularly suitable for hosts in mountain and ski resort areas.

- You can leave a bottle or 4-pack of your favorite local wine or IPA for adult guests. This thoughtful gesture will also help promote a local business in your area.

* Be mindful of your state and/or town rules and regulations regarding offering/ leaving alcohol for guests.

Deciding on what to offer your guests can be the most challenging aspect of hosting. Once you find something perfectly matching your space and vibe, you can easily replicate it for each guest. However, it is essential to keep it a surprise and not reveal it in your listing photos or descriptions.

The key is to exceed your guests' expectations and leave them pleasantly surprised!



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