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Monarch Cottage | Tenille and Travis| Pocono Lake PA

Welcome to the latest edition of Cozy Cabin Chats! I'm thrilled to take you on a journey to Poconos Lake, where I had the pleasure of meeting the sweetest Airbnb hosts, Tenille and Travis. Together, we'll dive into their experiences, insights, and the secrets behind their family-friendly property! 

Get ready to hear Tenille's expert insider tips on how to optimize your travel experience to the Poconos. She'll also share her perspective on traveling with kids so you can make the most of your trip and create unforgettable memories. Trust me, these recommendations are simply excellent!


Tell us about yourselves!

I'm Tenille, and my husband is Travis. We're a family of four, and our journey has taken us to various parts of the United States. Travis brings his expertise in retail design and construction. At the same time, my entrepreneurial spirit and creativity, combined with our shared passion for travel, have guided us to venture into short-term rentals. We hope to create spaces that echo the wonderful experiences we've had with Airbnb, marking the beginning of what we anticipate will be a series of hospitality adventures.

Where is your cabin located? 

In Pocono Lake, PA aka The Poconos

How did you come up with the name Monarch Cottage?  

I wish I could take credit but it was already named that when we bought it and through the buying process we referred to it as that so much and it just stuck. 

What led you to choose a family-friendly cabin as your short-term rental? Where are you hosting from?

We love to travel, and we love the design and always paying attention to the hospitality side of things, so after staying in Airbnb when we travel, whether alone or with our family, and having such great experiences, it’s always been something we have been intrigued by and always thought, we could do this! We currently live in California but used to live in Pennsylvania for a few years.

What is your favorite feature of your property? 

The hot tub, the upstairs bunk room, the open concept, the fire pit, the 3 private lakes that surround us are all fantastic features but my absolute favorite is the feeling you get when you arrive to the Monarch Cottage.

 It’s like the nature surrounding you is giving you a big ol hug and your body and mind feel it almost immediately. I really hope others feel it just as much as I do.

What extra amenities do you provide that guests have appreciated the most? 

The hot tub, the comfy beds, the fun bunk room, and a stocked kitchen!

Do you currently manage your own Instagram account, and has it helped increase your bookings? Where do you find inspiration for your social media content?

We are just getting started, but building a brand can play a big part in the longevity of your business, especially if you want to offer new and returning guests special rates by booking directly. I currently run social media and believe in sharing what our ideal guests want to see and feel at Monarch. Also, following other rentals that are like-minded is a great way to get inspiration as well!

What keeps you motivated to keep renting out your space to strangers? 

The 5-star ⭐️ ratings and feedback from our incredible guests! Being able to make a family or a couple's vacation or trip that much easier and unique is what we are all about!

What does your ideal weekend in the Poconos look like during the winter?

Oh, I love this; let’s start the day by warming up with the fireplace and matcha latte. Then, we venture into the winter wonderland for a family day trip to Jim Thorpe, exploring its quaint charm. On another day, let’s go tubing (we have a private tubing hill in our community) or snowboarding and return to the cottage to warm up in the private hot tub surrounded by snow-covered trees.

What does your ideal weekend in the Poconos look like during the summer? 

Okay, another favorite. You’ve got to start your mornings with breakfast on the deck, with the sun streaming through the trees, then head off on a refreshing hike through nature trails (so many to choose from- no matter the season). After that, you will want to head over to the private beach of our three private lakes for swimming, fun, and relaxation. Then it’s time to fire up the grill on the deck for a BBQ or maybe visit a local winery or brewery. And you can’t leave without an evening stroll around the peaceful neighborhood.


Travis and Tenille's family is a bunch of adventurous enthusiasts who love to explore, travel, and relish in nature, art, and life together.

They have two amazing kids aged 9 and 7, and they cherish every moment spent together, creating unforgettable memories.

We would like to know if you prefer a busy or more relaxed and spontaneous itinerary when traveling with your family.

I would say it depends on the trip but a mix of it all! 

If we are somewhere new, I want to see and do as the locals.

When you travel as a family, do you prefer to stay local or go to destinations that require more extended travel (i.e. road trip or airplane)

Road trips and airplanes

What is your favorite travel destination? Which places have your children enjoyed visiting?

I couldn’t pick just one… I love to visit any place I have never been, but Italy, Spain, Portugal, Nashville, NYC (for the first time), and Yellowstone are my top. I think my entire family would agree on Yellowstone

What do you do when your children are having difficulty traveling?

Oh, this is always tough. Lots of deep breaths and reminding ourselves that it’s a lot and we can all get overwhelmed at times and to just give everyone a little grace. We usually have at least one big blowout of emotions (it’s not always the kids 🤣) on the first day, and then after that, we are usually golden for the rest of the trip. We also try to have at least one kid-focused activity they must look forward to on the trip.

Do you have go-to travel games, snacks, or other "secret weapons" you use when traveling with the kids?

The iPad is our secret weapon because I don’t usually let my kids use it at home, so they are excited to use it when we travel. Healthy snacks are definitely important because we have dietary restrictions, and it’s hard to eat somewhat healthy when traveling.

How important is it for your family to spend time in nature? What are your favorite outdoor activities?

It’s definitely important, I love to be outside so if we can walk, then we are walking! You won’t find us on every hiking trail but we try to take advantage of what this beautiful earth has to offer. Hiking, beach, lakes, snowboarding, or even local attractions (preferably outside)

Is there anything else you would like us to know or what to share with our audience

We believe every family deserves a unique, vibrant, and welcoming retreat that exudes warmth, charm, and adventure.  We're dedicated to bringing you an experience that blends comfort with cool, adding that extra magic to your family getaways. Come see and experience for yourself.

Let's pretend we are having a girls' weekend at the Monarch Cottage, what are we doing, what are eating and what coffee shop is a must for a cozy cup and great conversation?

Ummm, first I would say, heck, yes!!! The day would be a mix of relaxation and adventure. It would start with us eating breakfast (I can cook up some bacon, eggs, fruit, and pancakes) and then laughter-filled moments on the deck as we try to do some yoga (or maybe a hike), then we would head off to Jim Thorpe for lunch and enjoyment of the cutest little town. We could head back and take a hot tub soak or maybe a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood. Come evening, let’s hire a private chef to cook us dinner so we can relax and keep warm around the fire pit while talk the night away. There are quite a few local coffee shops that I still haven’t been to but want to try out, but I genuinely think the cup of coffee you can have at the cabin on the big beautiful deck surrounded by nature and our conversation will be the best of the trip!


In a world where hotels and accommodation services are often cookie-cutter and impersonal, the Monarch Cottage offers a cozy and inviting atmosphere that allows guests to unwind and connect with their family and friends. Travis and Teniille believe that their Airbnb should be more than just four walls; it should be a gateway to the heart of their community. 

The cottage is not just a place to sleep; it is an experience that allows guests to connect with the heart of their destination. With Travis and Teniille's attention to detail, warm hospitality, and commitment to creating unforgettable memories, guests are guaranteed to have a stay that they will remember for years to come.


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