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4 Benefits of Renting an Airbnb with Kids

4 Benefits of Renting an Airbnb with Kids

Traveling with your children is so rewarding, and family trips can genuinely create memories that will last a lifetime.

Though these adventures are indeed exciting, they can also come with their fair share of challenges, especially when finding accommodations.

Traveling with your kids versus traveling solo or with your spouse adds another layer of needs and preferences that you may not have considered before, which is why knowing how to navigate this part of the planning process is important.

Years ago, when traveling, you typically only had one popular option: hotels and resorts. But in today’s modern era, a new solution makes traveling with kids an actual breeze!

Renting an Airbnb is what I’ve personally found to be the golden solution to make our family vacations feel like a TRUE vacation and there’s a few reasons why.

In this blog post, you’ll learn four main reasons that I always opt for an Airbnb versus a hotel or resort when we can!

4 Advantages of Renting an Airbnb for Your Next Family Vacation

1. Everyone can have their own room.

I’m just going to tell it like it is for a second: sharing a single hotel room with kids can be a TERRIBLE experience – for both you as the parents and for your kiddos.

Just picture this for a moment ⬇️

It’s bedtime for your kids – which is usually 2-4 hours before you. In a shared hotel room, there’s NOWHERE else for you to go. So, when you put the kids down, you find yourself in a silent, dark hotel room, hoping that your kids will finally fall asleep.

Just so you can tip-toe into the bathroom to shower and hope they don’t wake up.

Not exactly the vacation you had in mind, is it?

When you rent a kid-friendly Airbnb, which are actually fairly easy to find, you’ll be able to put your kids in a separate area and cater that room to their needs so that they can get a good night’s sleep and YOU can continue to enjoy your evening with your spouse or with yourself.

Not to mention, if everyone is well-rested, you will all be much happier, more cooperative and will enjoy your trip soooo much more.

It’s truly a win/win for everyone! 🏆

2. Airbnb rentals are generally cheaper than a comparable hotel room.

Have you booked or even simply browsed the prices of a hotel room lately? Even the most basic options seem to be pricier by the minute.

This isn’t always the case, but depending on the location, amenities, the length of your stay, and the season you’re booking for, you will often find that rentals on Airbnb are much cheaper than that of a hotel room.

Last April we had to rent a hotel room as Clark was playing in a long weekend baseball tournament and we couldn't find any Airbnbs in the local area. Not only was it expensive for a super tiny room with two beds, but we had to spend so much money eating out. At this particular hotel, they didn't offer refrigerators - so cold drinks and such also had to be purchased. Between the cost of the room and horrible sleep for all of us, it truly was an expensive trip!

3. Access to additional amenities.

Another HUGE benefit that comes with Airbnb rentals versus hotel rooms is that Airbnbs naturally have way more amenities than your traditional hotel room.

Most rentals have multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, full kitchens, laundry facilities, outdoor spaces and living spaces that allow for plenty of room to spread out.

All of these amenities pay off big time when traveling with kids, especially if you’re like my family where we prefer not to eat out at restaurants for every meal.

I’d much rather have the flexibility, when we want it, to cook dinner while the kids play and eat on a beautiful patio over looking the pool. Or I’d like to be able to make a quick dinner for the kids (think grilled chicken and veggies!), get them to bed, and cook a romantic dinner for two, like these Chicken Souvlaki Pitas!

Not only is it expensive to eat out several times a day, but it can also be hectic, and it eats up a lot of your travel time!

Renting an Airbnb with additional amenities allows you to really live your life like you normally would, by grocery shopping and eating healthier meals at home, washing clothes as needed, and giving everyone the space they need to fully enjoy their time.

4. Airbnb’s are often in safer areas.

Lastly, Airbnb rentals are typically located in residential neighborhoods, which not only gives your family trip a more authentic feel but also gives you peace of mind that you’re staying in a safer area, as opposed to a hotel room in the middle of a major city.

Of course, this isn’t always the case, and you definitely want to do your research depending on the location, but generally speaking, Airbnb’s are typically going to be surrounded by other houses in areas that are safe and suitable for a family trip. In addition to safety, you also get the added benefit of being in an area where you can directly explore the local neighborhoods and often find some hidden gems you wouldn’t have discovered otherwise, such as local parks that aren’t advertised!

Choosing to rent an Airbnb for your next family vacation can be a game-changer, especially when traveling with kids.

From the spacious and home-like environments that make bedtime routines a breeze to the cost-effectiveness of more extended stays and the personal touches that create lasting memories, Airbnb offers a host of advantages for families.

It opens up a world of possibilities where you can truly experience your destination like a local while enjoying the comforts of home.

So, the next time you plan a family getaway, I encourage you to consider these four benefits and embrace the convenience and joy that an Airbnb rental can bring to your family's travel adventures.

Happy travels!



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