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4 Festive Ways To Spread The Love To Your Kids This Valentine’s Day

Although Valentine’s Day is traditionally marketed toward couples and soul mates, I love using any holiday as an excuse to create intentional moments with my kids! All it takes is a little bit of thoughtfulness and creativity to turn the romance-filled day into a day that your kids feel the love too. 

And no, that doesn't mean that you have to cancel your date night or rethink your plans with your spouse. It simply means that you can be intentional through a few small acts, so your kids can enjoy the holiday as well. 

If you’re not sure how to make this happen, I’ve rounded up 5 festive ways that you can spread the love to your kids this Valentine’s Day. ❤️

The best part? None of these ideas include spending a ton of extra money or even having to go shop for a bunch of extra things. Simplicity is key, so if you’re ready to level up the love this Valentine’s, keep reading!

4 Kid-Friendly Valentine’s Day Ideas 

1.Sweetheart Breakfast 🥞🥓

One of my favorite ways to make an ordinary day feel extraordinary is by kicking it off with a themed breakfast! And luckily, Valentine’s Day makes this SUPER easy to do.

Imagine how excited and special your kids will feel when they wake up to a curated breakfast before sending them off to school, complete with heart-shaped pancakes (and all the toppings their heart desires), a small Valentine’s gift, and a love note from mom or dad to affirm how loved they are!

To achieve this, you really don’t need much – a red or pink tablecloth, heart shaped straws, themed plates and napkins, and maybe a few decorative balloons if you’re feeling up to it. Target or HomeGoods is my go-to for all of these things!

2. Valentine’s Day Family Movie Night  🎬🍿

If you’ve decided to forego date night and plan to stay in for Valentine’s Day, make it an occasion for the whole family with a simple movie night.

You can order pizza, make Valentine’s popcorn (regular popcorn with red and pink M & M’s), and snack on other themed treats while enjoying a family friendly movie before going to bed at your normal time.

To make this feel extra special, you can all wear festive Valentine’s headgear, socks, or pajamas to match the theme of the day.

Movie nights are a family favorite for us, so this is always a go-to – here’s my ultimate guide for a few quick tips!

3.Valentine’s Day Treasure Hunt 💎

If you really want to take things up a notch and make Valentine’s Day something truly special in your house, transform your home into a festive treasure trove by organizing a Valentine's Day treasure hunt.

Create clues and hide small gifts or notes leading to the next discovery. This interactive and exciting game adds an element of surprise, sparking joy and laughter as your kids uncover hidden treasures.

And the treasures don’t have to be extravagant either! Instead, hit up the dollar section of Target or browse your local dollar store to find themed goodies that your kids will love, such as coloring books, bouncy balls, or other holiday knick knacks. As parents we may not love the knick knacks, but let’s be real… our kids do. 😅

This is something you can have ready to go when they return home from school for the day, making it an exciting activity that they can look forward to!

4.“Fancy” Dinner at Home 🥂

Lastly, if you love the idea of going to a fancy dinner but aren’t willing to fight the crowds (or if you forgot to make a reservation!), bring the fancy vibe to your home this Valentine’s Day and include the kiddos to make it even more special. 

Everyone can dress up in their favorite fancy outfit and enjoy a lovely meal together at home.

To make this dinner feel special, opt to cook something that wouldn’t typically be on the dinner menu – like steaks, lobster, or a pasta dish that the whole family will enjoy!

Curate a tablescape with Valentine’s themed decor, including red or pink plates, heart-shaped napkins, and Champagne flutes, so that it feels like a real occasion.

After dinner, serve a special dessert, like strawberry cheesecake or chocolate-covered strawberries. 🍓🍰

And to commemorate the night, you can create a fun photo booth with red and pink balloons and Valentine’s props alongside a Polaroid camera to have forever memories.

This idea ensures that you don’t have to hire a babysitter, and the kiddos are in bed at their usual hour.

Overall, my hope is that this list gives you an idea of what Valentine’s Day celebrations can look like WITH your kids!

So many times society makes us believe that we have to hire a sitter or exclude our kiddos from fun festivities, but the truth is that there are so many ways to do it. You have to think outside the box, get intentional, and exercise your creativity muscle.

And if the thought of curating something like this overwhelms you, always remember: sometimes doing less is actually doing more and the simple things often bring the MOST joy!

Don’t feel like you have to overdo it to make it feel special. At the end of the day, your kids simply want to feel loved. 

I’m curious – do you use Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to celebrate with your kids? I’d love to hear more about your ideas and traditions!

Connect with me on Instagram and let me know – I’m all about parents helping parents. 🥰



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