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You don’t have to change anything about your property to get booked out.

Instead, we’ll highlight its best features with lifestyle photography.

People book places based on photos, so we’ll capture your property in a way that make your dream guests pack their bags and head straight over.

Image by Levi Bare

Your favorite guests – returning again & again…

(And again!)

Your home was a huge investment — you’ve invested time, money, and much more into a space you are ready to share with the world.

There is undeniably a part of you in that space, which makes it special. We’ll capture the unique experience of a HOME lovingly put together by people who care.

Capturing the ambiance of what is possible at your home gives potential guests helpful visual ideas of how their vacation could go and gives them something to get excited about!


Well-loved homes & hosts

Monarch Cottage: “ Oh my god, I could seriously cry! Do you even know how talented you are?”

Poconos Base Camp: “You've got to be kidding me! These are so amazing, oh my gosh! Thank you so much!”

The Pines at Lake Naomi: “ Your pictures are amazing! Beautiful

Rachel, WOW. These photos are just stunningly good. Truly amazing work. You captured the vibe of our space perfectly!


(*our family stays at your home for 2-4 nights) 

  • Captured over the course of three days ( two nights) to give the best opportunity for ideal conditions and unique images that are not possible in a single day

  • Interior & Exterior Photography

  • Lifestyle & Details Shots

  • Props for Staging

  • Research on Community

  • 80+ Edited Images

  • Free Dusk Session





  • Half Day (2-4 Hrs)*

  • Interior & Exterior Photography

  • Lifestyle & Details Shots

  • Props for Staging

  • Research on Community

  • 20+ Edited Images*

  • Captured over the course of a single day for the least amount of impact on bookings

  • *Dusk session images are available as add-ons.



Package 1 
Starting at $1450.00

Package two
For New England-based Airbnb hosts during weekdays only.
Starting at $597.00

A la carte services include:

  • dusk session images

  • updating or creating your short-term rental welcome book or guest guide

  • comprehensive walk thru of your short-term rental, with access to our airbnb essentials room-by-room checklist + shopping list 

INVESTMENT: ranges from $100.00 to $550.00 depending on services

Frequently Asked Questions

  • My Airbnb isn’t in your area – can we still work together?

    Possibly! Reach out, and we’ll chat. We’re open to traveling beyond our regions and even out of state in appropriate situations. *We immediately service Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. 

  • How do I get my images? ​​​                                                                                                                 We’ll send you a link to a password-protected online gallery. You’ll end up with both web-ready and high resolution files.
  • Do you only photograph properties with cabins or places in the mountains?

    Nope! I work with all vocational rentals and am open to all kinds of homes. If you’re not sure if you’re within our serviced regions, please reach out.

  • Do you do collaborations?

    Unfortunately, I don’t have the capacity to take on collaborations (i.e. free trades) at this time.

  • How far in advance do we have to book you?

    If you have a date in mind that you know your home will be ready by, definitely reach out sooner rather than later.* If your home is outside of the New England area, I encourage you to book as soon as possible! This will ensure that I can arrange any travel as early as possible, to avoid any additional last-minute travel fees. Most people book me about 1-2 months in advance       *Please note that I am only taking on a very limited number of shoots per month in order to keep my current turnaround time. It’s always better to book sooner rather than later!

  • Do I need to be there at the shoot?

    Nope, it's not necessary! I do most of my shoots by myself, although I do prefer if you have a point of contact somewhere close by, just in case. This could be a housekeeper, general contractor, handyman, or even a neighbor familiar with your house.

    It’s important to note that if you have a self-check-in process for your rental, you must provide the information for the system 48 hours before our shoot. Once I have completed the shoot, I will lock up.

  • Can I get away with real estate photography for my Airbnb?

    Real estate photography leaves you with basic wide-angle photos and not a lot of personality.

    Interior photography is going to capture details and features unique to your home so it feels “lived in.” I'll be posting a blog on this topic this week!

  •  Can I reschedule in case something comes up?    

       I totally understand that things do come up. I allow up to ONE free reschedule (with the deposit applied to the new         date), as long as I am notified no later than 21 days before our originally scheduled shoot.

       If the new rescheduled date is more than 30 days after

       of our originally scheduled date, a $100 rescheduling fee will be applied.

Transform Your Listing, Transform Your Earnings

Ready to showcase your short-term rental's charm and character with stunning visuals, unlocking its full potential for your audience and future guests?  

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