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Helping you find


packages designed to simplify your personal and family travel experiences

Whether you're seeking adventure-packed getaways or serene retreats, our services are tailored to create unforgettable memories for you and your loved ones.


But that's not all - we also specialize in assisting hosts and Airbnb owners in transforming their spaces into family-friendly havens. Wondering how to make your Airbnb stand out as an exceptional family experience? Need guidance on leveraging social media to connect with your target demographic? Look no further! We are here to help you market your brand to families with authenticity and creativity.

With our expertise and passion for travel, we strive to make your home look like a dream, ensuring it becomes more than just an average booking but an experience worth sharing. Let us guide you on this journey, as we create remarkable travel experiences and unforgettable memories together.

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We specialize in helping you market your brand to families with authenticity and creativity. Let's transform your Airbnb into more than just an average booking!
Individually crafted for your family or personal journeys, our packages ensure a seamless and unforgettable travel experience.

Curated Services for Simplified Family & Personal 
Travel Experiences

Introducing our Personal + Family Travel Packages at The Wandering Tourists! We understand that planning a personal or family trip can be overwhelming, which is why we offer a range of services tailored to simplify the process for you. Let us take care of the planning details, so you can focus on creating wonderful memories during your personal or family travels. Choose the package that suits your needs and let us guide you towards an unforgettable adventure!



5-8 links of airbnbs that match your criteria and budget.

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Once we have your criteria, we will align your family with

  • 5-8 airbnb links

  • 3-4 experiences that are located within 15 miles of your potential travel city



For the busy family that needs help planning their next adventure! 

This all-inclusive package includes 

  • 12-15 links to airbnbs that will be matched to your specific needs and wants. 

  • schedule of events and activities in your travel city, as well as surrounding local parks/recreational activities, and restaurants.

  • paper guides will include:

    • packing guides (tsa approved)

    • easy meals + recipes for cooking in

    • links to a complete list of travel friendly items for plane/ road trips to keep the kids entertained and more! 


Business and Professional 
Marketing & Photography

Introducing our Business/Professional Services at The Wandering Tourists! Are you an Airbnb host looking to create an exceptional family-friendly experience? Are you unsure how to effectively utilize social media to connect with your target audience? We've got you!

We specialize in helping you market your brand to families with authenticity and creativity.

Let's transform your Airbnb into more than just an average booking - together, we'll make it an experience worth sharing. Our services offer two distinct levels to cater to your specific needs.


(*our family stays at your home for 2-4 nights) 

Cabin Snap: This mini-session includes 20-30 photos capturing your home's warmth, charm, scenic surroundings, and unique features. Our photos are the perfect tool to showcase your home and local community, attracting potential guests.

*This package is solely for hosts in the MA, ME, VT, and NH area



Cozy Captures: Our session includes 40-50 photos. Our photos are carefully curated to capture the essence of your home and showcase the local attractions that make your community a must-visit destination. With our help, you can rest assured that your home will be presented in the best possible light, attracting the right kind of guests who will appreciate and enjoy everything it offers.

* This package includes The Wandering Tourists staying at your Airbnb for 2-nights.



The Social Strategy package is designed to help you create content for your brand. While you may be comfortable with posting on social media, creating content that truly engages your audience can be challenging. Our approach includes a detailed plan that will guide you toward achieving your social media goals.


This package includes a thorough analysis of your target audience to understand their preferences. We also provide photography services, three months of pre-designed content, which we will upload using a social media scheduling app, and templates for stories, reels, and posts to help you create compelling content.

The Social Strategy
INVESTMENT: $950.00 month*

*Requires 3 month commitment 

A la carte services include:

*brand logo and color palette design

*a personalized monthly content posting calendar

*updating or creating your short-term rental welcome book or guest guide

*photography service

*comprehensive walk thru of your short-term rental, with access to our airbnb essentials room-by-room checklist + shopping list 

INVESTMENT: ranges from $100.00 to $550.00 depending on services




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