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Pocono Base Camp | Linda and Patrick | Arrowhead Lake, PA

Welcome! Meet Linda and Patrick, hosts of cozy Pocono Base Camp in Pennsylvania. We discovered their base camp on Instagram last fall and were impressed, so we had to visit!

What we loved about this place was that it was only a few hours away from Boston, and the space and surrounding area were perfect for a mini-vacation. It allowed us to experience things we wouldn't typically find in our community (like the largest tubing park in the United States!) 

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I can’t wait for you to learn more about Linda and Patrick and see why The Pocono Base Camp is a must-visit cabin for your next getaway! 


Tell us about yourselves!

Hi! We're Linda & Patrick and we live in a small rancher in Doylestown, PA with our two kids Jet & Sage, our dog Jagger, and 6 chickens. I'm a graphic designer, and my husband is a realtor and musician. We've been together since we were 15 & 16 years old, and we love to travel and do all the outdoor activities with our family. 

“We're total foodies, self-proclaimed beer snobs, and also love to cook.”

Where is your cabin located?

Pocono Base Camp is located in Arrowhead Lake in the Poconos in Pennsylvania. We're about 20 minutes from a few great Pocono ski mountains (Camelback, Jack Frost, Big Boulder), and all the great indoor water parks. Our gated community has two large lakes with four beaches, three pools, and many playgrounds.

What was your vision when creating the Poconos Base Camp?  What was your favorite part of the design process?

Our main focus was to create a place that we would enjoy and be able to share with others. We designed everything to be super comfortable, full of everything we could need, and somewhere where we really wanted to go.

We knew we wanted a dark, moody cabin vibe that felt special and kid-friendly. The house itself wasn't necessarily our dream vibe when we walked in the first time - it felt very 80s with orangey wood, a dull exterior, and dated decor. The first thing we did was get the exterior painted a super dark moody green, setting the stage for how we wanted everything else to come together. 

“We loved having the whole summer last year to come up every weekend and pick a new project to work on or a room to paint. It let us flip everything slowly and intentionally in a way that felt right.”

What made you decide to host a family-friendly short-term rental (cabin)? 

We knew from the beginning that this was going to be a vacation house for us and that we were going to rent it to offset the mortgage. Patrick is a realtor, and owning a vacation home has been our dream (well, technically our dream is to have a boutique motel, but this feels like a stepping stone to there!). We never thought it would be possible, but Patrick was able to work his realtor magic and find a way for us to get this place without taking any real financial hit.

First and foremost, we wanted this house to work well for us. We love traveling with our kids, and the way many hotels and even STRs are set up is discouraging for parents traveling with young kids.

“We want to make it easy for parents to come with their young and old kids, or a group of adults to come and have everything they need there so they can relax and truly enjoy a vacation.”


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What is your favorite feature of your property?

I love the backyard and sitting by the fire pit in the warmer months surrounded by the beautiful trees.

Our readers would love to know more about your game room and your favorite board game ; especially if it's a game that's fun for the whole family!

Our loft area has a futon and a TV with some video games, a variety of board games, and other toys for toddlers. We have a beautiful wooden Monopoly & Clue set that are my favorite!

What extra amenities do you provide that guests have appreciated the most? 

Definitely the golf cart! Arrowhead Lake has so much to offer and it's so fun to drive around to the different beaches and pools. We have a large canoe, kids kayak, paddle board, beach toys, & beach chairs so you can be super active like we are, or just sit and relax. Parents also appreciate how baby-friendly it is with a pack-n-play, high chair, sound machine, & baby toys.

Do you think having a solid Instagram presence has increased your bookings? Do you currently run your own social media? How do you find inspiration to capture content for your socials? 

I do! I've met some of the most wonderful people through Instagram (ahhhhem - The Wandering Tourists!!!) It's been a really fun way to connect with creative, like-minded people. I tend to find the guests we attract from Instagram are connecting with us because they want to experience the Poconos the way we do - by being super active and exploring unique shops and restaurants. I post content that includes unique things to do in the area.

What keeps you motivated to keep renting out your space to strangers? 

I love seeing people enjoy our space and being able to share our love for our house with others. It's the absolute best feeling to know that families and friends were able to make amazing memories in a place we built.


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What does your ideal weekend in the Poconos look like during the winter?

Snow! (Hopefully!) Let's see... we'd start the day with a cozy breakfast at Moyers, go skiing at Camelback, come back for a happy hour by the fireplace while listening to music, then head out to Jubilee for dinner! We'd also likely hit up the sledding hill in Arrowhead and our favorite shop, Pocono Mountain Provisions.

You definitely don't want to miss out on the Poconos Base Camp playlist on Spotify!

What does your ideal weekend in the Poconos look like during the summer?

Outside 24/7! Wake up, have coffee on the front porch, make some eggs at home, then put on our bathing suits, and hop on the golf cart to go to the beach all day. We'd finish the day off with a dip in the pool, then head to Curran's Brewing for some great live music and beautiful scenery. Then, back home for a cozy campfire and s'mores! We'd also go for a hike at one of the many great hiking trails, and go for a swim in the lake!

Okay, imagine we are having a fun girls' weekend at Pocono Base Camp. We want to plan a relaxing itinerary involving spa treatments, great conversations, and of course, indulging in a few bottles of wine. Can you recommend the best spa for us to visit? Also, we're looking for some restaurant suggestions that are perfect for dinner and conversation and any wineries we must visit.

Ohhh I have not gotten to do a spa yet, but the one on my list is A Bit of Bliss Therapy that's about ten minutes away. It has fantastic reviews, and they offer packages for groups! It looks beautiful.

There are a few wonderful bars and restaurants on Lake Harmony, a quick 20-minute drive from our house. One spot in particular right on the water called Nick's Lake House has a fantastic deck with live music!

If you're looking for something quieter, I'd suggest Boulder View Tavern on a different lake, where the tables are set right on the beach. As far as wineries go, there are a few great ones in Stroudsburg like Mountain View Vineyard, Blue Ridge, and Tolino that are about a 35-minute ride away.

It's date night at Arrowhead Lake; where is Patrick taking you? 

Oh my gosh, a night without the kids!? He said he'd love to bring me to Curran's Brewery and be able to sit at the bar instead of chasing our toddlers through the fields and trails there lol

What has been your favorite place to visit?

So far, Iceland. It's otherworldly. We drove around the whole country for a week,

pre-kids, and it was incredible. We also love Stowe, VT, and Woodstock, NY, in the Catskills. Our next Base Camp mayyyy be in the Catskills!

Do you have go-to travel games, snacks, or other "secret weapons" you use when traveling with the kids?

“I spy” is still a favorite! We also let the kids pick the music. And all the snacks! Our secret weapon which is also a last resort, is, embarrassingly, the iPad. We don't love to use it, but we do a lot of long drives and sometimes the kids like to zone out for a bit with games.


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How important is it for your family to get out into nature? What are your favorite outdoor activities?

“Nature is the most important thing to us! It's a big part of why we got this house.”

As a family, we love to ski, hike, surf, swim, paddleboard, canoe, fish... literally everything! We are a go-go-go kind of family, and all four of us have a hard time sitting still for long. You'll hardly ever see us sitting in a beach chair.

When you travel as a family, do you prefer to stay local or go to destinations that require longer travel (ie. road trip or airplane) 

We love a good road trip and although we have our favorite spots like the Catskills, VT, and Cape May, we also really enjoy picking somewhere new to visit. This summer, we're going to Costa Rica! Many people are afraid to travel with kids, but we've just done it since both of them were so tiny, and they're great travelers because of it! 

“Our thought is always - well, we're going to either be doing this crazy toddler parenting at home or we can do it in a really cool location, so why not go!”

Is there anything else you would like us to know or what to share with our audience?

We get such great fulfillment by seeing other people enjoy the space we've created. It literally brings tears to my eyes to see pictures of families and friends and their dogs having a great time using our home and everything in it.


Linda and Patrick, thank you so much for not only opening up your homes and hearts to numerous families but also taking the time to chat with me today. It was an incredible experience to get to know both of you and learn about The Pocono Basecamp, Arrowhead Lake, and the wonderful community surrounding this stunning region. 

Thank you for being such excellent hosts and providing an unforgettable experience. 

We can't wait for summer vacation and hanging in the backyard hammock at base camp!


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