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Are you looking to get away and cozy up in a dreamy winter cabin? Before you pack up the car to head to your cabin in the snow, check out our complete winter cabin packing list to ensure you've got everything you need for winter adventure and cozy cabin vibes.

If you've never been to a cabin in the winter and you're wondering what to pack, we've got you covered. 

From the best winter clothing, winter gear, and fun entertainment when you sit in front of the crackling fire ALL DAY, here's what to bring so you're completely prepared.

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Note: This post on winter cabin packing list may contain affiliate links. If you buy through them, we may earn a commission. Don't worry, it won't cost you extra. We only recommend products and services that will be useful.


When coming up with things to put on your winter travel packing list, you'll want to know beforehand what the cabin supplies. If you're planning to rent a cabin through Airbnb, it's important to note that while most cabins come with basic necessities, this may only sometimes be the case.

During our recent stay at a cabin in Susquehanna, PA, it was surprising to discover that the bed and bath linens needed to be provided, especially considering that they were not mentioned in the listing. As a result, we had to make a quick trip to Walmart to purchase these items ourselves. 

Be sure to read the listing thoroughly to see what they supply. You can also check with the cabin host if you have any questions about what they provide in the cabin. 

Our cabin packing list best suits cabin rentals with supplies rather than cabin camping.

Okay, let's break down our winter cabin packing list!


  • WARM JACKET: A warm jacket is a must-have for outdoor activities or when you roast marshmallows outside during winter.

The Mountain Pile Fleece Coat from L.L. Bean is an excellent option as it keeps you warm while being stylish and fitted. For men, winter jackets are available at L.L. Bean and REI.

  • HEAVY PARKA: If you're planning to travel to cold weather destinations and spend time in the snow, it's essential to have a jacket resistant to water and wind.

L.L. Bean's Winter Jacket for women is an excellent choice with its nylon shell that provides protection from the elements and keeps you warm even when the temperature drops below freezing. North Face's Gotham Jacket is a stylish and warm choice for men for cold, snowy conditions.

  • RAIN: Pack a rain-resistant jacket if you expect rainy conditions rather than snow during your winter cabin stay.

  • FLEECE SWEATER: A fleece sweater is an excellent layering option that can be worn under a warm jacket or when relaxing in the cabin and you need a light layer. L.L. Bean offers high-quality fleece pullovers and hoodies that can last years with proper care.

You can browse women's and men’s fleece wear here. If you're looking for something stylish yet affordable, the women's sherpa pullover creates a cozy winter cabin vibe. Amazon's clothing brand offers cheap knit fleece sweaters for men. You can check the prices and colors here.

  • SWEATPANTS: Bring a cozy pair of sweatpants lined with fleece when packing for your winter cabin; they're perfect for lounging around while sipping mulled cider.

  • JEANS OR LEGGINGS: Your go-to jeans or fleece-lined leggings are the perfect wardrobe for exploring.

I adore the clothing crafted for outdoor adventures, especially the fleece-lined ones that are ideal for winter weather expeditions or simply lounging around the cabin.

  • SLIPPERS: A must-have when lounging around at home or in a cabin. They keep your feet warm and clean and give you a sense of coziness even when you're away from home.

I love Haflinger brand slippers as they are the most comfortable and stylish. You can also find me wearing Uggs Women's Ansley slippers, which come in various colors and are incredibly soft.

For men, the Ascot slippers are from the same brand. However, if you're looking for a more affordable option, amazon also offers great dupes that are comfortable and stylish. 

  • THERMAL UNDERWEAR: Layer up with thermal underwear to stay warm on all your outdoor outings when it's cold outside.


When it comes to keeping your feet warm, dry, and odor-free during winter, wool socks are the way to go.

For those who want to take their sock game to the next level, we highly recommend the LLBEAN Merino wool socks. These socks are thick, sturdy, and ideal for anyone who spends time outdoors in the snow. 

  • GLOVES: Remember to pack a pair of gloves to keep your hands warm while exploring outdoors. 

  • WARM HAT: Staying warm in cold weather is crucial; wearing a trapper hat with ear flaps is one way to do that.

This style might seem unusual to some, but it's highly effective in keeping you warm and comfortable. Give the traditional trapper hat and see how it works for you.

These accessories can be a stylish addition to any outfit while providing you with the warmth you need to enjoy your day.

  • SNOW BOOTS – If you plan to venture out into the cold winter weather, having the right gear is essential. Invest in a high-quality pair of waterproof snow boots to keep your feet warm and dry. 

Make sure to choose boots above the ankle if there's a lot of snow in the forecast. As someone who lives in a snowy area, I highly recommend boots from reputable brands such as Kamik, Merrell, and Sorel.

  • BATHING SUIT – If you plan to stay in a cabin with a hot tub, don't forget to pack your favorite bathing suit, even if you're visiting in the winter.

Additionally, it's worth researching the area you're visiting as you might discover a natural hot spring that you can try out.

  • PACKING CUBES – Packing cubes are the hallmark of a seasoned traveler, it makes packing more convenient and organized.

Some people pack their cubes and separate clothing items by packing cubes (underwear, shirts, pants), while the super organized will pack their cubes according to daily outfits.

Either way, once you arrive at your cabin, you can take your cubes out and place them directly into the drawers to keep things neat and organized. Check out our favorite here.


  • DUFFEL BAG – While wheeled luggage may be more convenient, a duffel bag could be a better option for traveling if you have to navigate through muddy, wet, or icy pathways. It's better to have a bag that you can easily carry.

My family prefers duffel bags; we particularly love the ones from REI and L.L. Bean. If you want a cozy, inspired option, I love this one from Nordstrom

  • HANGING TOILETRY BAG – A toiletry bag that can be hung in the bathroom is a real lifesaver when traveling. It helps keep everything organized and is highly convenient to use. 

  • FLASHLIGHT – A reliable light source can be helpful when outdoors or walking at night. We always carry a flashlight when we travel and use it frequently.

  • REUSABLE WATER BOTTLE – A water bottle on our travel list is a must-have.

We prefer using Hydroflask water bottles since they can keep your drinks icy cold or steaming hot for up to 24 hours. You can compare prices for these water bottles on Amazon and Hydroflask websites. 

PRO TIP: Purchase a water bottle that fits in your car cup holder!

  • HAND WARMERS -We always bring hand warmers when traveling to cold places. Slip them into your pockets to keep your hands warm or next to your feet if they get cold.

  • LIGHTER – If you plan to enjoy s'mores during your camping trip, you may need to bring a lighter or matches to light up your campfire. We love this electric lighter.

While the cabin you're staying in may provide a lighter, bringing your own is always a good idea. Just make sure you don't pack it in your carry-on if you're flying on an airplane!

  • SUNBLOCK – It's important to remember that even in winter, you still need to use sunblock. As I have learned from past experiences, you can still get sunburned in winter wonderlands.

If you're planning a trip to a cabin that's situated in a higher elevation, it's especially important to use a high SPF sunblock like Blue Lizard, since the higher altitude can cause you to burn more quickly.



Without a doubt, S'mores should be at the top of everyone's winter cabin packing list. It's an absolute classic cabin activity you can't miss out on.

You can opt for regular marshmallows from a pre-packaged S'mores kit, but why settle for ordinary when you can take it up a notch and use flavored marshmallows from Hammond’s Candies?

Elevate your S'mores experience by pairing those marshmallows with unique chocolate flavors like Vanilla Bean, Chocolate Chip, or even Toasted coconut and you'll never settle for regular S'mores again. And let's remember these fantastic Marshmallow roasting sticks that extend up to 34 inches, providing you with an even more comfortable S'mores-making experience. Trust me, you'll thank me later.

  • HOT DRINKS: Make sure to bring your favorite hot beverages so you can enjoy them while sitting on the porch and staying warm.

I recommend trying a hot chocolate mix from Silly Cow Farms, which offers various flavors such as chocolate gingersnap, caramel, and sea salt. You could also prepare other warm drinks like tea, mulled cider, hot buttered rum, and eggnog. 

Need some hot cocoa inspiration? We've got you covered with seven recipes to keep you warm and cozy!

  • FIREWOOD – If your cabin does not provide firewood, it is advisable to bring some along to enjoy a nice wood crackling fire. We suggest buying your firewood locally for your cabin and bringing all-natural fire starters to help get the fire going, as it may be difficult to find paper or dry twigs at your cabin. Having an easy fire starter will make your experience more enjoyable.

  • GAMES – One of the best parts of cabin life is having some fun board games at your disposal. Therefore, including them in your winter cabin packing list is wise. You can keep it simple by bringing a deck of cards or opt for tried and true classics such as Scattegories, Clue, Scrabble, or Monopoly.  We have put together a carefully curated selection of our favorite games. We really hope you'll enjoy checking out this excellent list we put together for you.

Check out our guide for more tips on hosting a fabulous game night.

  • KINDLE – Your winter cabin retreat can be wifi-free, making it the perfect place to relax with books or pre-downloaded ebooks on your Kindle.

  • JOURNAL – A journal for those who want to write in a winter wonderland.

  • SPEAKERS – If you are looking for entertainment options for your cabin, having speakers that can be connected to your Amazon Music or Spotify account is a must.

The Ultimate Ears Speaker is an excellent choice whether you prefer ambient music or want to rock out. It is wireless, waterproof, has fantastic sound quality, and is compatible with Alexa.

And there ya have it! Our tried and true winter cabin packing list promises a dreamy winter getaway!

As you prepare for your travels this year, we hope you follow this list and adjust to your specific needs to enjoy a lovely vacation with those you love most. 

We’re curious – is there anything else you would add to this list? Connect here and let us know!

And as always, happy travels!



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