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10 Must-Have Adventure and Outdoor Inspired Gifts for Moms

10 Unique Gift Ideas For The Adventurous and Outdoorsy Mom In Your Life

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, which means NOW is the time to start searching for the perfect gift for the mom(s) in your life. This is one of those holidays that tends to creep up and the next thing you know you’re stuck buying flowers and a card from the local grocery store.

And while the mom in your life would likely appreciate that too, this year I want to help you put in a little extra effort and gift the special lady in your life something special that she wouldn’t expect.

Whether you’re shopping for your mom, wife, grandma, sister, or friend that you think deserves a little extra something on her day, this is the blog post for you!

Because we’re all about adventure and getting outdoors here at The Wandering Tourists, this gift roundup features 10 unique gift ideas for the adventurous and outdoorsy mom. 

So, whether you have a mom in your life who enjoys hiking, camping, or simply exploring the outdoors even if that means sitting on her patio, our hope is that you’ll find a gift idea that you haven’t thought of before to show her a little love!

10 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For The Adventurous and Outdoorsy Mom

If you’ve yet to jump into the wonderful world of packing cubes, let me just tell you… you’re missing out!

As avid adventurers ourselves, packing cubes are a MUST for our family of travelers. If a mom in your life is always on the go, help keep her organized on her travels by gifting her a set of high quality packing cubes.

These lightweight and durable cubes help maximize luggage space, making it easier for her to pack efficiently and find items quickly during her outdoor adventures.

Any hiker knows that the one thing that can make or break a hiking trip are quality socks and shoes. While socks might seem like a silly gift to give the mom in your life, trust me… if they’re quality, she will LOVE them!

When shopping for hiking socks, seek out those that are crafted from moisture-wicking materials and designed to provide cushioning and blister protection, so that her feet dry and comfortable on long hikes and outdoor excursions.

3. Bogg Bag 👜

A Bogg Bag is truly any on-the-go mom’s dream and makes for the perfect tote for travel and adventure. 

Made from durable, washable material and featuring a spacious design with multiple pockets, this versatile bag is ideal for carrying all her essentials to the beach, park, or hiking trail in style.

As a self proclaimed adventurous mom myself, I love documenting our family travels so that I always have something to look back on.

Help your mom do the same by gifting a travel journal that helps her capture and cherish her travel memories with a beautiful travel journal. Whether she's embarking on a solo backpacking trip or a family camping adventure, a travel journal provides the perfect space for her to document her experiences, thoughts, and reflections along the way.

We’re all familiar with the viral Stanley cups and while those are great, adventurous folks often need a little something else to stay hydrated AND healthy, especially when exploring the outdoors. 

And there's no better way to do just that than with a self-sanitizing travel water bottle. These innovative bottles purify water and eliminate harmful germs and bacteria, ensuring clean and safe drinking water wherever she goes.

Let’s be real… mama always needs a cup of coffee and that doesn’t change when she’s adventuring outdoors!

Fuel your mom's outdoor adventures with delicious coffee brewed on the go with an Aeropress coffee maker. Compact, lightweight, and easy to use, this portable coffee maker allows her to enjoy a freshly brewed cup of coffee even in the most remote locations.


Looking for a gift that the mom in your life can enjoy in the comfort of her own backyard? You can’t go wrong with a smokeless solo stove to elevate her patio and allow for a cozy outdoor fire without the hassle of typical smoke and ash. 

8. Portable Fan 💨

This portable fan has become a personal travel favorite, especially during the warmer months! Whether she’s going for an outdoor stroll in the neighborhood, hiking, biking, or even enjoying an amusement park with her kiddos, help keep your mom cool and comfortable with this unique device.

If you’re looking for a gift that your mom can enjoy at any time throughout the year, you can’t go wrong with a puzzle that’s inspired by her love for the great outdoors!

These National Park puzzles are a family favorite around here, featuring stunning imagery of iconic national parks and providing hours of entertainment and relaxation for your mom to enjoy at home.

10. Portable Phone Charger 🔋

Lastly, ensure your mom stays connected and powered up while on her outdoor adventures with a portable phone charger. Compact and lightweight, these chargers are perfect for recharging her smartphone, camera, or other electronic devices while she's on the go, so she never misses a moment.

And there ya have it – 10 unique gift ideas for the adventurous and outdoorsy mom in your life.

If you’re really looking for a way to wow mom this year, consider giving her the gift of experience with a curated vacation and let us help you plan it. CLICK HERE to learn more about our Done-for-You Family and Personal Travel Services where you can get a travel guide designed specifically for you!

P.S. Looking for more gift ideas for a special someone in your life? Browse our ShopStyle Storefront for endless ideas!


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