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6 Winter Date Ideas for Parents

Winter can be an exciting time to bond and make unforgettable memories as a couple. What’s often viewed as a season to stay cozied up inside, we believe you can embrace the magic of winter in any way you prefer!

Our curated list of budget-friendly winter date ideas for moms and dads is perfect for planning fun winter date activities.

Whether you prefer outdoor adventures like hiking and skiing or cozy indoor pursuits like museum visits and baking, there's something for every taste and budget. 

So, get ready to plan a winter full of fun and lasting memories with your favorite person!

5 Winter Date Ideas For Parents

1. Go on a snowy hike❄️

One of the best and most simple ways to enjoy the winter season as a couple is to get together and head out to a nearby park or woods to experience the great outdoors. Take a leisurely hike and immerse yourself in the serene beauty of nature. During your walk, you can admire the snow-covered trees and breathe in the crisp winter air. 

While you're outside, make sure to take a break from your hike and snap some photos of the beautiful winter wonderland around you! You'll be able to capture the breathtaking views and make memories that you can cherish for a lifetime.

Plus, why not bring out your inner child and build a snowman, have a fun snowball fight, or make a few snow angels? It's a great way to enjoy the winter season and create some unforgettable memories! ☃️

There's nothing quite like sipping a warm cup of hot cocoa while admiring the beauty of winter. Whether you prefer to grab a cup from your favorite cafe or bring a thermos filled with homemade hot cocoa on your hike, it's sure to be a delicious and comforting treat. Plus, enjoying it while watching the snowflakes fall around you is a great way to make the moment even more magical.

2. Try out a winter sport 🛷

Winter sports are a great way to enjoy the season and make unforgettable memories. If you want to try something new, snowshoeing, sledding, skiing, and snowboarding are all fantastic options.

Many winter resorts and mountains offer private or semi-private lessons that you can sign up for to get started. With the help of a professional instructor, you can learn the basics and feel confident hitting the slopes or exploring the winter wonderland on snowshoes.

So, grab your boots, bundle up, and head out for a day of adventure and relaxation in the great outdoors. 

3. Visit a local museum  🏛️

Visiting a local museum that you wouldn’t typically venture to is a great way to spend a winter day. Be sure to check out their website for hours and ticket information before you go.

Pro Tip : contact your local library a few days or at least a week before your desired trip date to see if they have free passes. This will allow you and a guest or two to enter the museum at little to no cost. So, gather your friends or family and explore the art and history of your community!

4. Go bowling 🎳

Going bowling can be a fun activity to enjoy during the winter season. It's a great way to get some exercise and have fun all while staying indoors.

Whether you're a pro or a beginner, bowling is a fun activity everyone can enjoy. You can even make a friendly competition out of it by keeping score and seeing who can get the most strikes. 

5. Take a cozy winter weekend getaway 🏕️

If you can swing it, winter is a great time to head away for a cozy winter weekend getaway with the one you love most! 

When it comes to picking a place, you'll want to consider some amenities and a relaxing atmosphere. I suggest renting a cabin in the woods or booking a cozy bed and breakfast in a charming town. 

Check out some of my travel blogs for help picking the best locations for you and your loved one.

6. Spend a cozy night in 🎥🍿

If you can’t find the time to get away, sometimes there’s nothing better than a special, cozy night in! Lounge in cozy pajamas and find a new throw you can’t stop snuggling up with while sitting by the fire. You know, the one that is unbelievably soft, warm, and exactly what you want when craving cozy and comfy vibes. 

You can order takeout, make breakfast for dinner, or cook a delicious homemade soup. While you're prepping ingredients and making your meal, find a cozy dinner playlist on Spotify. Trust us, this one won't disappoint. Pour a glass of wine and enjoy the evening together. If you're looking for inspiration, check out our favorite dish – a delicious and incredibly easy-to-make Poke bowl.

After enjoying dinner together, you can choose to watch a movie together (here’s a list of 60 Best Valentine's Day Movies You Can Stream 2024), read a book (here are some of my favorites!), play a game, or complete a puzzle.

You can make a batch of these gingerdoodle cookies  from The Novice Chef and enjoy them after dinner. They are absolutely delicious!

If you'd like to use store-bought sugar cookie dough and add your own twist, check out these 14 recipes:

Overall, winter is the perfect time of year to get creative with your date nights and enjoy something that you haven’t done in a while!

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