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backroad wandering

Getting outside (and into the big wide world) is good for the whole family. Getting over the hurdle of how to make it happen could be all it takes to get your family out on their next adventure. One of the easiest ways to incorporate adventure into your life with young kids is to create adventure out of everyday experiences.

Here are 5 ways your family can begin to wander outside more frequently

1.Prioritize outside time: We prioritize our outside time by creating systems that support getting outside. My biggest success in getting outside each day is by having a routine with our outside time built in. For our family we notice that our mental health is that much better when we head outside and wander around.

Another strategy that helps me is by doing housework on the weekdays (I have a schedule that I follow and the kids help too!) and leaving the weekends free for more adventures.

Being organized is essential when it comes to prioritizing the outdoors. Keeping our gear organized makes getting outside quicker for our family. Each member of our family has a space for their own stuff, tucked into our rolling cart along with extra clothes left in the car (organized behind the 3rd row).

2.Get outside locally: The easiest way to get outside is to utilize your local resources. Checking out your local outdoor scene helps you get to know your area. It’s also much easier to access when you stay closer to home. You may be surprised to find what’s so easily accessible near you. To find more information about outdoor escapes near you, start with a simple Google, instagram or pinterest search! Sometimes your local mom's facebook group may even have information.

3.Try something new: A new experience as a family can be a way to get yourself out of your comfort zone, while also making some great memories. This can be as mild as finding a new simple hiking trail with a little stream to as wild as going paddleboarding. Ask your kids what they would like to try to get some ideas going. Trying something new as a family creates memorable moments of learning, sometimes struggling, and just experiencing a whole new skill.

This past winter, through our local Audubon Society we found a wonderful family friendly activity of tapping maple trees! After a mini hiking through snowy trails, we learned about the old timey way to tap maple trees and how to boil the sap down for syrup! We were invited to a guided forest walk, warmth by the many firepits on the grounds and even had a pancake breakfast on the property where we sampled maple syrup that was tapped from many of the trees we saw! We had so much fun on a beautiful Sunday afternoon learning something new.

4.Invite friends along: Going with other families on an outdoor adventure can be a great way to ease into getting outside. Getting outside with friends relaxes the mood for the family, and just adds to the fun! Find another outdoorsy family (or one that wants to be) and get together for a little outside experience and remember to make it fun and bring games!

Games are one of our biggest friends while wandering! Being creative with our kids keeps them engaged and their legs moving! Making sure to engage their minds while their bodies are moving truly helps to clock those miles.

5.Work up to bigger adventures: I think working up to bigger adventures is key. If you and your family are wanting to try camping start with car camping and work up to backpacking. If you’re wanting to take up hiking start with shorter mileage and build up your stamina before taking on a big adventure.

If you’re new to getting outside just remember that with any adjustment, take your time and gradually build up to bigger adventures. It starts with making time in your schedule and exploring local adventures. Be willing to try something new and out of your comfort zone.

Remember you don't have to go far to create memories for you and your family. Doing a little research through the internet, on Instagram, local facebook groups or even through Pinterest can yield some pretty fun events!



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