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Let's Prepare for Summer Day Camp

“Everything good, everything magical happens between the months of June and August.”

Ok mama, let's prepare for summer camp!

Preparing for summer camp can be exciting – and a little overwhelming. It messes up the summer camp joy when you have to scrounge around to find paperwork, clothing, snacks etc. in the morning. It makes for a doubly painful start to the day when it causes you or your child anxiety because you cant find much needed items.

Let’s stop being reactive and start being proactive by putting together your summer camp items now.

TRUST me on this one, even though it sounds odd to be putting together items NOW- this will definitely help you when the time comes.

Follow these tips to get ready:

  1. Get a check-up before camp. If your child hasn't had a recent annual physical, schedule an exam before heading to camp. This will help ensure your child is healthy and able to participate in all activities. If your child is not in need of a complete physical, be sure to call the pediatricians office and have them send you a copy of his/her latest physical.

  2. Double-check the packing list. Most camps will provide a packing list. Review it early so you have enough time to order any necessary items and review it again after packing. Make sure all items are clearly labeled with your child's last name. Don't forget items like sunscreen, bug spray and a disposable camera! Leave valuables at home.

Our most favorite summer camp items!

Thank you for shopping through my roundups. I make a small commission when you make a purchase, and it is so appreciated.


If your camper is going to be spending any amount of time outside, sun protection is a must (even when it's rainy or cloudy). Pack sunscreen, a pair of sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat to ensure your child is shaded.

And don't forget to pack lip balm with SPF to avoid chapped lips.

There are so many sunscreens out there, you know your family and children best, so be sure to find the right one for you!

Our family uses BLUE LIZARD!



If your child's summer camp list includes alot of gear, choosing the right backpack to carry it all is important. The same one your child used during the school year may not be up to the task.

Here are a few things to consider when choosing the right backpack for your child:

Compartments. A backpack with multiple storage areas is best. Make sure some of the compartments are large enough to hold the extra set of clothes, swim gear, and towels that a day camper may need. Exterior pockets allow for quick access to smaller items, like tissues, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, and cellphones.

Durability. Day camp is hard on a backpack. Select one made of sturdy fabric or nylon. Make sure all of the zippers work properly.

Side bottle holder. Easy accessibility to water will help your camper stay properly hydrated all day long

Pack a refillable water bottle, or a couple bottled waters, so your kid doesn't get dehydrated. Freeze one of the bottles the night before. As the ice melts throughout the day, your child will have a cold and refreshing drink.


Keep in mind that your child may not have easy access to utensils. Packing their lunch in a plastic, bento-style lunch box with cutlery gives them the freedom to eat wherever they are. A few of our favorite containers are:

a large bento box , mini bento box and for those who need a snack mid day, this mini snack box is great!

“And at the end of the day, your feet should be dirty, your hair messy and your eyes sparkling.”
- Shanti.


Summer camp can get wet and messy, especially if your kids spend a lot of time outdoors. Pack an extra set of clothing in case anything gets ripped, muddied, or wet. Swimming is sometimes a weekly or even daily activity at camp so be sure to pack at least 2 swimsuits and googles.


Remember, use a permanent marker to label the most important things: backpacks, clothes, shoes, towels, and plastic bags. Masking tape, painter's tape, or wide rubber bands are all good options for labeling bottles.

With this day camp must have list, both you and your child can relax and enjoy the different pace that summer brings because all of your packing will be completed!

It’s THAT simple.

Because here’s the deal, this is something that is SO easy to do and can really make your sunny- summer mornings be a little more relaxing! I want you to have the most relaxing and stress-free summer mornings. I want you to see how taking time NOW to make your summer camp kit will make a huge difference in your summer morning fun!

And Mama.....don’t forget your child’s physical paperwork! :)



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