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Mother's Day Gift Guide -Travel Edition

With Mother's Day right around the corner and summer travel kicking off, I wanted to share with you my top 11 favorite gifts for the traveler in your life!

These items have absolutely changed my traveling for the better. Each and everyone are necessities to me while away on vacation and the first items I make sure to pack!

Ready to find out which items we never travel without?!And which you need to gift?

Thank you for shopping through my roundups. I make a small commission when you make a purchase, and it is so appreciated.

Let's go!

A small gift that will pay off when it helps to locate lost luggage and more.

I am a fan of packing cubes. I think they allow you to not only fit more, but also organize all your travel clothes. This set also has mesh top panels for visibility.

If all else fails, a list of the best gift cards for any travel lover on your shopping list! You know we are big fans of Airbnbs- there’s something about checking into an Airbnb that can feel a lot cozier for certain travelers. The gift of an Airbnb gift card will give them the ability to pick their own unique apartment or home anywhere in the world while still cutting down the overall cost of their trip.

This external battery pack comes with three built-in cords to accommodate any model phone you’re carrying. This model comes with a customized bag to house it for safe storage

They’re extremely sturdy and they sit upright, even in the sand and they are waterproof so it’s super easy to keep it clean. You can also buy an insert to turn the bag into a cooler.

I like the bigger bag for the beach, and the smaller bag is great for travel and as a pool bag. If you are looking to use this while flying, be sure to grab the smaller Bogg baby bag as it fits under the seat!

While I prefer a book in hand, the amazon kindle is a lightweight option for readers. It has battery life for days, has an eye-strain-friendly backlight so you don’t have to turn on the overhead light in a car or plane—oh, and it puts pretty much any book ever written at your fingertips. It’s a no-brainer, especially if you’re a fast reader and race through books when you travel.

Whether you are at the beach, exploring a city, or on a remote hike, staying hydrated is key to feeling great on your trip. And if you like cold water like me, Stanley is for you. Their products are known for their double-wall vacuum insulation, meaning your water will stay cold for hours and hold ice all day.

Bringing a reusable water bottle with me on trips has always been one of my main travel hacks ever since I can remember, and packing my Stanley is a must!

As a seasoned traveler, I can tell you one thing that I absolutely never forget to pack: a travel umbrella.

A travel journal is the perfect place to curate and collect all the little items you gather on a trip. Travel journals are also an amazing way to look back and look forward. Where have you been and where do you want to go!

Sunglasses are essential when traveling. It’s best to keep them inside their protective hard case within your carry on bag, ideally in a front pocket or near the top of your pack. This offers quick access to your sunglasses and makes it easy to put them on when you need protection from the sun.

A belt bag is a MUST for traveling!! When you need your passport and wallet quickly without having to rummage around in your backpack trying to find them, a belt bag/ Fanny pack can be worn around your waist or in other ways for easy access to your belongings.

This versatile bag is everything you could possibly need in a functional travel pack. it’s spacious enough for my sunglasses, wallet, passport, keys, and phone, and is easily adjustable to fit across my body- perfect for any trip!

If you are looking for a gift she won't return, these presents are ones any traveler would be delighted to recieve.



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