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Sunrise Popscicles

This post contains affiliate links; thanks for the love!

We're BIG popsicle fans around here (popsicles + swimming are THE only ways to survive the heat). The boys and I love making new and old flavors. One of our must-have flavors is Strawberry Orange Sunrise. This is the perfect summer popsicle that promotes hydration and fun!

With their fresh flavor and pretty colors, you might not guess these strawberry orange popsicles are made from only three ingredients! It's true! They're quick + easy to assemble and taste amazing on a hot day.

Here's what you need to make strawberry orange sunrise popsicles:

Our strawberry orange sunrise popsicles recipe has a few ingredients. It keeps the popsicles SO easy to make.

  1. Fresh Or Frozen Strawberries. First, you'll need strawberries! For these strawberry orange popsicles, you can use fresh berries or (thawed) frozen berries. You'll be pureeing them in the blender, so either works!

  2. Maple Syrup, Honey, Or Agave (As Needed). Depending on the sweetness of your berries, you may need/want to add a little sweetener. It doesn't take much to wake up the flavor, so start small and work your way up.

  3. Great-Quality Orange Juice. For the orange layer, you'll need some excellent orange juice- we love Natalie’s or Uncle Matt’s.

  4. A Popsicle Mold + Popsicle Sticks. Lastly, you'll need something to make your strawberry orange sunrise popsicle in! So, let's talk popsicle molds…

Faq + tips & tricks for the best strawberry orange sunrise popsicles:

OUR FAVORITE POPSICLE MOLD. We LOVE this popsicle mold. It has four slots, lays down in the freezer, and has a slit that holds the sticks in place while they freeze. Win-Win-Win!

USE GREAT-QUALITY ORANGE JUICE. Since there are so few ingredients in this Strawberry Orange Popsicle recipe, you need them to count. If you can, use GREAT quality orange juice, like Uncle Matt's- pulp-free. You can also use fresh-squeezed orange juice if you want!

CAN I USE FROZEN BERRIES TO MAKE POPSICLES? Absolutely! I do it ALL the time. Since you're not blending the berries with liquid for this recipe, I recommend thawing them first so you don't have to take blending breaks to scrape down the sides as often. (Measure frozen, then let them thaw.)




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