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Taking your Child on a Solo Trip and Why You Should Do It!

A few months ago, I mentioned that I took Clark and Lennon on separate solo trips.

I let my instagram followers know what we were doing and was shocked by how many questions you guys had!

Our solo trips are one of my most favorite (new) traditions I started because of the pandemic!

They are something I think you’d love to do with your kids too, so today I’m sharing all the details on how we do it!


What made you decide on solo trips with the boys?

I originally had the idea after taking one to many day trips with both boys. Because of their age difference, often one feels left out of certain activities that we take part in. They have few interests that are the same and there is a big difference between what they can and can not do.

Going with just one kid, means our trip can meet all their likes and dislikes!

My heart was instantly drawn into the idea of one on one time, especially as my kids get older and schedules beginning to make life a little tricky. With two kids, mom guilt and feeling that time is running out, the idea of fostering that one on one connection felt like an answer to my prayers.


What age do you start your solo trips?

I don't believe there is a perfect or certain age to go on a solo trip. However, you know your children best and know what they can handle.

*For younger children, I would suggest having lower expectations while also scheduling age/ developmentally appropriate activities throughout your trip.

* For older children, they are old enough to understand money and cost a little better. They should understand and be ok with only getting the trip for their birthday that year instead of presents and parties.

With both boys, I felt that they were old enough to appreciate the trip and our time together.


Who plans the trip?

The trip location and itinerary is completely up to the child, with a rule that the trip has to be 1-6 hours from Boston by car. From there we let them take the reins.

Lennon wanted to have a low-key and cozy night away. His requirements were, a coconut to drink from, to see a navy submarine, play at a park and have yummy food! The Great Island Inn was a perfect location, about an hour and half from Boston, close to the USS Albacore Submarine museum and lots of delicious little cafes!

Clark's trip took us to NYC by train. We traveled from South Station in Boston to Penn Station. From there we hopped onto the Long Island Railway and got off directly at Citi Field to see the Mets face off with the Washington Nationals. Although the weather was hazy, hot and super humid, the trip was so laid back. Clark didn’t really want to do all the touristy stuff and was totally satisfied with baseball, ballpark franks and lemonade.


What I love about these trips is that it is fully customizable to you and your family.

Again, decide what’s reasonable for your family and consider how to make it happen in terms of timing, budget, and logistics.

Solo trips allow you to really connect and get to know your children as individuals with less distractions. Being able to spend quality time talking, learning and exploring tells them they are a priority and that you want to build and maintain healthy bonds.

The more that you get to know your child, through conversations and following their lead, the closer you will become.

I know we are already talking about where our trips next year will take us and we cannot wait!



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