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7 Ways To Embrace a Surprise Snow Day

If you’re like me and live in the north, you know what it’s like to be blessed with snow often. So much so that most of us think nothing of it. 

Weatherman is calling for flurries? No biggie!

We know how to handle the snow and to us, it’s usually just another day. 

Schools are rarely canceled, people are still driving into work, and life goes on with regularly scheduled programming. 

But our friends in the south?! It’s a totally different story. 

When their weatherman calls for furries, people flock to the grocery stores to stock up on milk and bread. (I’m still not sure why those are the food items of choice? 😂)

And while we northerners typically laugh and can’t exactly wrap our heads around this, I’ve got to admit: there IS something magical about a snow day, and I kind of envy the way it makes Southerners so giddy. 

For them, almost EVERYTHING shuts down – schools, businesses, even roads. 

It’s wild!

Regardless of where you fall on the U.S. map, my hope is that this blog post encourages you to embrace a snow day in a new, fun way. ❄️

Whether you’re among the people who experiences snow ALL the time or if you’re someone who rarely sees snow in your city, I believe we all can use a little more magic in our days.

7 Ways To Make a Snow Day Extra Magical

1. Get outside 🛷

Although this one goes without saying, I have to reiterate: GET OUTSIDE!

Despite the freezing temps and messy snow gear that going outside can bring, it’s exciting to bundle up even if it’s just for a few minutes. 

Go sledding, build a snowman, or simply take a stroll through the neighborhood to admire the beauty that the snow brings!

2. Have a movie marathon 🎥

This is one of our families personal favorites for ANY time of year, but a snow day makes a great excuse to have a movie marathon. 

You can go all out by blowing up an air mattress and piling the living room with all of the pillows and blankets you can imagine.

And of course, no movie day is complete without popcorn and your favorite snacks! 🍿

The key to actually keeping your kiddos entertained during a movie marathon is to choose a movie that they’re actually interested in. 

Let everyone take a vote for what movie they want to watch throughout the day, and allow yourselves to relax completely! 

Here’s a list of the best winter movies the whole family can enjoy.

3. Indulge in comfort food and cozy drinks ☕️

A snow day definitely calls for comfort food and all the cozy vibes, so it’s the perfect time to make a yummy soup recipe, bake something special, or of course whip up some homemade hot cocoa for everyone to enjoy. 

Click here for 7 delightful hot cocoa recipes to make your snow day extra special! 🍫

4. Play board games or put together a puzzle 🧩

When was the last time you played a card game, board game, or put together a puzzle? The thing with a snow day is that you often have to pull out all the stops to keep everyone entertained. 

So, now’s the perfect time to choose the board game that takes a little longer to complete or to choose a new puzzle that you can spend hours on!

5. Build an indoor fort ⛺️

If your kids are anything like mine were when they were little, they LOVE the idea of building a fort!

And I get it – I remember being the same way when I was younger. It’s so fun to gather all the pillows and blankets and turn the bedroom or living room into a camp out.

While fort building might not fit into the daily agenda, a snow day allows for extra fun and building a fort brings just that!

Let the kiddos sleep in the fort for a night if you want to take it even further. While it seems insanely uncomfortable to you, they will undoubtedly love it!

6 . Get crafty 🎨

Most of us moms tend to keep the craft supplies tucked away in a place where the kids can’t reach them on any given day, especially the crafts that are messy and a little more time-consuming, like slime or fossil finding. 

While those crafts might seem like a hassle in your day-to-day life, they are the PERFECT things to pull out on a snow day to buy yourself some entertainment time!

Additionally, you can use the snow to make some cool things as well – here’s a list of some awesome ideas!

7. Have an at home spa day 🧖🏼‍♀️

Lastly, if you really want to soak in the relaxation vibes as much as you can, create an at home spa day for you and your kiddos!

Let them enjoy a warm, luxurious feeling bubble bath, diffuse essential oils, use robes and hair towels, and you could even create your own facials, using oatmeal and honey. 

If you have cucumbers on hand, use them as eye patches!

Kids love to be silly and play pretend and this is an excellent way to help them embrace that!

Overall, a snow day can be something fun for the whole family to enjoy when you embrace it with open arms and view it as something that’s truly magical.

I’d love to know – what’s your favorite way to spend a snow day? Connect with me on Instagram and let me know!



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