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Travel Inspiration: 5 Instagram Strategies You Need to Know

5 Easy Tips For Using Instagram For Travel Inspiration

Years ago, when planning a vacation, you might have gone the traditional route of browsing Google or working with a travel agent to plan your perfect trip, but in today’s social media-dominated world, things have definitely changed!

After planning LOTS of vacations, I’ve found that social media is actually one of the best ways to find some hidden gems and amazing accommodations. What’s interesting is that many of our family’s favorite places across the country haven’t been found on Google.

They’ve been found primarily through Instagram and sometimes when I tell people this, they look at me a little crazy. And I get it – if you aren’t familiar with how to use Instagram for search purposes, it can feel odd to plan an entire vacation based on a social media search, but I’m here to say it’s SO possible!

In fact, these days when I’m planning a trip or visiting somewhere for the first time, I solely use Instagram to research places to explore. It’s essentially like creating a FREE up-to-date local guidebook that can be totally tailored to your interests.

To help you embrace this new way of planning a vacation and utilize a community of people who have weeded out the coolest spots and best things to do, I’m sharing 5 easy tips for using Instagram for travel inspiration. 

How To Use Instagram To Plan Your Next Vacation

1.Use the Explore Page

When searching for travel inspiration through Instagram, the Explore page is going to be your best friend! On this page, you can simply type in the destination that you’re traveling to and you’ll be served with videos and images under the “For You” section, as well as relevant accounts, tags, places, and reels. 

If you’re unfamiliar with the Explore page on Instagram, here’s what it looks like:

This page alone can expose you to a diverse range of posts from fellow travelers, enthusiasts, and influencers who potentially have content that can inspire your next adventure.

2. Follow Destination & Travel Accounts

Beyond the Explore page on Instagram, I always love to find and follow certain destination and travel accounts. Typically you’ll find these accounts by browsing the Explore page and you should easily be able to find a favorite that you want to follow along with and pull travel inspiration from. 

Those behind destination-specific Instagram accounts are typically dedicated to showcasing breathtaking landscapes, vibrant cultures, and hidden gems for their specific area, so you can usually expect to find unique things to add to your itinerary that aren’t necessarily findable on Google.

3. Follow Travel Experts

In addition to destination and travel accounts, I love finding and following other travel experts. These are people who are out “in the field” actively sharing destinations they’re currently in or have recently been.

Erica Lewis is one of my favorites to follow and we had a fantastic conversation, you can read more here!

Katie Kelley is another favorite of ours. She’s a Maine photographer who shares many fun spots in the Northeast. You can check out our recent conversation here!

Beth and Eric from Vintage Glampers , travel throughout New England in their vintage camper and share their adventures. During our Cozy Cabin Chat, they discuss renovating a 60s era camper, their favorite ways to unwind, and showcase the beauty of the New England area.

Another great tip is finding Airbnb owners on Instagram and following their page to see local recommendations from someone who is well versed in the area. 

A few of my favorite Airbnb accounts to follow include:

(P.S. For more of my top-rated cozy Airbnbs throughout the Northeast, click here!)

In addition to Airbnb owners, you can also find lots of inspiration from following hotel and other lodging accounts as they’re typically the first to share all of the best hot spots in the area and have a pulse on community events and other happenings that you may be interested in.

4. Look for Accounts That Offer Similar Travel Styles to Your Own

While following location-specific accounts to get your inspiration, it can also be helpful to find accounts that offer travel styles similar to your own. For example, that could be family travel, solo travel, adventure travel, luxury travel, glamping etc. 

These accounts typically contain generalized travel tips and tricks that you can apply to your own adventures regardless of where you’re going. 

Psst: if you’re into family travel with an adventurous side, that’s what we’re all about at The Wandering Tourists 👋

5. Explore Geotagged Locations

Lastly, one of my favorite ways to use Instagram to inspire our travels is by strategically using geotagged locations. By clicking on location tags in posts, you can usually uncover hidden gems and off-the-beaten-path destinations that you may not have found otherwise.

This is typically how I stumble upon lesser-known destinations and local favorites that turn into our absolute favorite stops on our trips!

To explore geotag locations on Instagram, simply search for a destination on the Explore page and then toggle to the “Places” tab to see what others have posted in the past. 

Oh and one last pro tip: remember to engage and interact with these accounts and posts once you find them so that you get the algorithm working for you!

The more you double-tap, share, save, and send posts from accounts and hashtags that you follow, the more those and similar accounts will pop up in your feed and explore page.

Plan Your Next Vacation With The Help of Instagram

Overall, I’m a huge fan of using Instagram to plan our family vacations, and I encourage you to try it for yourself the next time you want to create a fun and unique itinerary for your travels.

You’ll often be surprised by all of the hidden gems, local favorites, and out of the box ideas that you find! And if you don’t have the extra time to conduct this research? Well, that’s what we’re here for. 

Click here to follow our socials and get more tips and tricks for your next adventure!



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