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Attract More Guests: How to Promote Your Airbnb on Instagram Effectively

Ready for me to spill the tea 🫖 to promoting your Airbnb on Instagram? 

Instagram is a powerful marketing tool that offers an authentic snapshot of your Airbnb, allowing potential guests to see exactly what your space offers. With over 500 million daily active users, Instagram is a center for travel enthusiasts dreaming of their next getaway ✈️.

Many Airbnb hosts have recently experienced a slowdown in bookings, so now is the perfect time to optimize your Instagram account and create a buzz around your listing. 

In this blog post, I’ll share some simple tricks to get guests to click on your Airbnb listing and add it to their favorites!

11 Simple Tips To Effectively Market Your Airbnb on Instagram

⌨️Fill Out Your Entire Bio

  1. Your bio is crucial as it describes the location and vibe of your Airbnb.

    1.  Be sure to include:

  • 📍Your location (this is super important!) 

  • A brief description of your Airbnb

  • A direct link to your Airbnb listing (in the 'website' section)

Let's take a peek at Staygold Properties, Monarch Cottage bio ( photo above).

In the Monarch Cottage bio, owners Travis and Tenille effectively highlight key aspects that make their cottage appealing to potential guests.


Specify the Location: Clearly state that their cottage is located in Pocono, PA.

Provide a Point of Reference: Mention that it is just 90 minutes away from NYC and DC, helping guests understand the convenience and accessibility.

Showcase Family-Friendly Features: Emphasize that the cottage is suitable for families, making it an attractive option for those traveling with children.

Highlight Modern Appeal: Mention the modern design and amenities, appealing to guests looking for a contemporary and comfortable stay.

This approach ensures that potential guests clearly understand the location, accessibility, and unique features of the Monarch Cottage, making it a compelling choice for their getaway.

🏡Think of Your Airbnb as a Brand

2. You have about 3 seconds to captivate someone's interest on Instagram. 

  • Consider:

    • How you want to be seen (e.g., cozy cabin, modern apartment)

    • The emotions you want guests to feel (e.g., nostalgic, joy, inspiration, desire to stay)

The Firefly Stay bio (photo above) captivates potential guests and followers using nostalgic and enchanting language. Phrases like "magical feeling" and "fireflies" evoke a sense of wonder and nostalgia. Additionally, they create a strong appeal by highlighting Instagram-worthy features such as the hot tub and gazebo. These carefully chosen keywords help readers instantly envision themselves unwinding and enjoying this idyllic retreat.

PRO TIP: Align your photos and social media content to resonate deeply with your ideal guests, making them think, “I REALLY need a weekend away there!”.  Use your social media strategy to connect with potential guests, showcasing your property's unique charm and experiences.

If you struggle with curating photos, take a look at our services!

I bring a strategic eye to your home’s photoshoot. We know you can only get more bookings if the right people can envision themselves staying there. Potential guests will swipe through your listing, vividly picturing themselves having breakfast in bed or an evening by the fire pit.

🩷Make Authentic Connections

3. Engage with your followers by liking their posts, commenting, and responding to their comments on your feed. This builds trust and makes it easier for potential guests to remember you.

👍Like and Comment

4. Daily interaction on Instagram increases your visibility. Like and comment on posts in your news feed to encourage more engagement with your content.

📸Incorporate Lifestyle Photography

5. Use lifestyle photography to tell stories and draw potential guests in. Show guests enjoying the space, local attractions, and unique experiences. This helps them visualize their stay and creates a stronger emotional connection.

Want to learn the difference between real estate photography and lifestyle photography? We've got the rundown here!

And if you're ready to incorporate more lifestyle photos into your social media, we can help with that too!

Check out our services

🧑🏻‍🤝‍🧑🏻Use Captions that Connect 

6. Write authentic captions that help guests envision themselves at your Airbnb. 

  • Example: Here's a sneak peek into my morning routine when I stay at the Pocono Basecamp, I grab my favorite _________[insert your favorite mug/tumbler/etc.], fill it to the brim with the best __________ [your favorite morning beverage ( or tag your favorite local coffee shop/to-go cup)], head out to the front porch  (or back firepit area) then reflect on something I’m grateful for.  How about you? What's your morning routine or ritual?  *This post would be great paired with a photo of having coffee on the porch (like the one to the right, taken at Pocono Basecamp) while journaling, lying in the grass, etc.  

PRO TIP: When writing captions, infuse them with your unique style and the vibe of your Airbnb, space, and community. Your captions should provide information and entice potential guests by highlighting your place and community's distinctive features and experiences.

  • Here is a great caption that ties in your location and small business and taps into National Chocolate Day, which is coming up on July 7th!

On good days, we eat chocolate. On bad days, we eat chocolate. On __________ [Mondays/days ending with the letter ‘Y’/etc.], we eat chocolate. #worldchocolateday doesn’t seem like a holiday to me! What’s your favorite kind of chocolate?  When you stay at The Monarch Cottage, drive to Jim Thorpe and find your favorite chocolates at the sweet(est) shop Rainbows End. We recommend the maple cream chocolates [ you can insert your fav chocolate] ; they are delicious! 

When you book our lifestyle photography services, you'll receive not only stunning photos that capture the essence of your home and community but also 10-12 crafted captions that perfectly align with your space.  You can see this in action on our Instagram.

#️⃣Use the Right Hashtags

7. Research suggests that around 9 to 11 hashtags generate the highest engagement. Be sure to include location-specific and travel-related hashtags.

📗Use Instagram Stories

8. Instagram Stories, visible for 24 hours and appearing at the top of news feeds, are a powerful tool to reach potential guests. Use this feature to post about availability, local events, special offers, and new features at your Airbnb.

🤝Ask Every Guest to Follow You

9. Invite guests to follow you on Instagram in your final message after their stay.

  • Showcase any upcoming giveaways, special promotions, or local events in your area.

  • You should also add your IG handle in your bio on the Airbnb platform!

🍦Actively support and follow small businesses in your area and make valuable connections along the way.

10. Highlight your visits and purchases from local spots by tagging their handles. This will strengthen connections with local businesses, leading to cross-promotion and increasing exposure on social media, attracting more followers and potential guests to your Airbnb listing.

*This delectable s'more is crafted with the Vermont Marshmallows S'mores kit, featuring vanilla marshmallows, handcrafted biscoff-inspired graham crackers, and specialty dark milk chocolate. By sharing a photo like the one above, showcasing your delicious creation and highlighting a few features of the s'mores kit, and tagging Vermont Marshmallows, you could have the chance to be featured on their Instagram stories.

Sharing the photo on your feed can also spark potential guests' interest in staying to enjoy your cozy firepit or evoke nostalgic feelings of classic s'mores moments.

🖼️Leave a Framed Sign

11. Place a sign in your Airbnb encouraging guests to share their #Instaworthy moments and tag your Instagram handle.

Overall, by following these strategies, you can effectively promote your Airbnb on Instagram, attract future guests, and keep your calendar booked. For more tips and tricks on maximizing your Instagram and keeping your Airbnb booked year-round, follow me on Instagram!

And if you’re in search of more hands-on help with promoting your Airbnb effectively, CLICK HERE to browse the services we offer for Airbnb hosts.

Happy hosting!



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